Bluesky will soon add DMs and videos

Decentralized social media platform Bluesky has already racked up some big accomplishments. It’s a rare example of a Twitter / X-competitor that has found success. Most other competitors, aside from the Meta-backed Threads, have since-closed up shop. In addition, Bluesky was able to rack up more than 3 million sign-ups during a period where users could only join the platform via invite. Since opening up to all, Bluesky has amassed more than 5.6 million users.And, Bluesky has been able to do all of this without two major features found on most big social media platforms: direct messages (DMs) and video uploads. But, that won’t be the case for long. SEE ALSO: You came back to Threads. Here’s how it can keep you. In a post published on Tuesday, the Bluesky team shared its upcoming plans for the platform and those plans include DMs and video.DMs, video, and more are on the wayAccording to Bluesky, the team is planning to add a slew of new features in the coming months.DMs, or private messages, appear first on Bluesky’s list of things-to-do. As Bluesky points out, all posts on the platform have been public so far. That will change soon as the team works on “a DM service that will integrate into the Bluesky app.” Bluesky says the first version of the DM feature will allow users to restrict who they can receive messages from. Users will be able to allow DMs only from users that they follow, disable DMs entirely, or have…Bluesky will soon add DMs and videos