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Dateline: Woking, 7th May 2024.On 23rd May at 8.30pm London, 12.30pm San Francisco and 24th May 5.30am Sydney time, there will be a special 45 minute Zoom chat with Victoria Richardson and I talking about our new book “Money in the Metaverse”, that was launched at Money20/20 Asia in Bangkok last month.We will be discussing some of the key conclusions from the book and answering your questions on the confluence of spatial computing, digital identity and tokenisation in a next-generation financial infrastructure.You don’t have to do anything except mark the date in your diary and all paid subscribers will receive a Zoom link via this Substack on the morning of the event. I hope you will join us to take part in the discussion and help us to learn more too!Subscribe nowWhat’s Up?The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report on “The Economic Implications of the Metaverse” (BIS Paper 144, February 2024) looks at a Metaverse economy, built in VR/AR immersive environments, where avatars can can engage in a broad range of activities. It notes that as their users spend more time (and attention) in metaverses there will undoubtedly be business opportunities from new services. Remember that the BIS is owned by the world’s central banks, so we take their output pretty seriously. And when their new report goes on to say that “an important foundation for such services is the ability to make instant payments, ideally across borders and currencies, and to create digital representations of assets (tokenisation)”, we could…Subscriber Special Event