Apple to launch new AI 'Intelligence' feature, partner with ChatGPT

Apple will offer new artificial intelligence (AI) features for users across products in its upcoming software updates, both through its own new native “Apple Intelligence” and a partnership that will incorporate ChatGPT into devices. Apple Intelligence aims to give users an AI system that is personalized to their needs, the company announced Monday at its developer’s conference. Apple’s announcement of Apple Intelligence, combined with updates coming to its AI voice assistant Siri, is the latest AI push from a tech giant, following recent AI advancements rolled out by Google, Microsoft and OpenAI. Apple touted how its AI update will be more personalized for users, compared to other generative AI tools released on the market. Through Apple Intelligence, users will be able to prioritize their notifications or help rewrite language across apps, including in emails, notes or messages. The feature will be included as part of the launch of the new iOS18, as well as updates coming to operating systems for the Mac and iPad, which will be released in the fall. Apple also announced that use of its AI voice assistant Siri will be more advanced, allowing users to use more conversational context through follow-up questions. Through using Apple Intelligence and user context, users will be able to ask Siri specific questions to find information that may have been shared through an email or message without having to change which app the user is using. For example, a user can ask Siri what time a family member’s flight will land…Apple to launch new AI 'Intelligence' feature, partner with ChatGPT

From deepfake nudes to incriminating audio, school bullying is going AI

Students are quickly learning the ease with which artificial intelligence (AI) can create nefarious content, opening up a new world of bullying that neither schools nor the law are fully prepared for.  Educators are watching in horror as deepfake sexual images are created of their students, with sham voice recordings and videos also posing a looming threat.   Advocates are sounding the alarm on the potential damage — and on gaps in both the law and school policies. “We need to keep up and we have a responsibility as folks who are supporting educators and supporting parents and families as well as the students themselves to help them understand the complexity of handling these situations, so that they understand the context, they can learn to empathize and make ethical decisions about the use and application of these AI systems and tools,” said Pati Ruiz, senior director of education technology and emerging tech at Digital Promise.   At Westfield High School in New Jersey last year, teen boys used AI to create sexually explicit images of female classmates.  “In this situation, there was some boys or a boy — that’s to be determined — who created, without the consent of the girls, inappropriate images,” Dorota Mani, the mother of one of the girls at the school who was targeted, told CNN at the time.   And in Pennsylvania, a mother allegedly created AI images of her daughter’s cheerleading rivals naked and drinking at a party before sending them to their coach, the…From deepfake nudes to incriminating audio, school bullying is going AI

The FTC Is Worried About QR Codes. Good.

Dateline: Amsterdam, 4th June 2024.The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning about the “growing abuse” of QR codes. Scammers are exploiting the lack of security around QR codes both online and offline. They embed QR codes into emails as an image so that security software isn’t able to detect that the link is malicious. They show QR codes on bogus websites to encourage people to download malware. They paste bogus QR codes over real ones in cities around the world and trick people into going to scam websites. People including, as it happens, my sister.ShareCode RedThere’s been a rash of scams in the UK where the criminals target car parks and put up posters with their own QR codes on them or put their own QR codes on stickers that they put on top of the genuine codes. People think they are scanning genuine parking app codes, but they are instead directed to an internet site or app run by scammers.Subscribe nowThis is the scam that almost caught my sister, who was visiting some friends and parked her car in a public car park. She went to look at the schedule of charges and there was a handy sign advising drivers with smartphones to pay via a QR code. She scanned the code and was directed to a superficially plausible website. After giving her debit card details to what she thought was a legitimate car parking company, my sister fortunately spotted that the website was wholly fraudulent and was able to alert…The FTC Is Worried About QR Codes. Good.

'No-launch' is the latest Instagram dating trend

On May 9, Tiffany Champion, a 28-year-old digital strategist and student astrologer in Brooklyn, and her husband, Harry Champion, a 28-year-old product manager, celebrated their five-year anniversary at home marathoning their favorite film series. They also exchanged five gifts, to signify five years together — an effort that would have made for perfect couples’ content. But online, Tiffany only shared one portion of the day — a discrete Instagram story with an image of a cake that read “Tiffany & Harry 5 Years.” SEE ALSO: Celebrity-voiced erotica is the new frontier in online celeb thirst The couple met in 2019, became official a couple months later, and married in 2022. Unlike most social media users who provide a clear timeline of their relationship with photos and accompanying captions on their profiles, Tiffany doesn’t have a single post of her husband on her Instagram grid. Not even her engagement or wedding photos made the cut. In fact, there’s no way to confirm what Harry looks like by browsing through her page. Tiffany and Harry “no-launched” their relationship, and an increasing number of couples on social media are opting to do the same.What is a no-launch on Instagram?A “no-launch” is exactly how it sounds — not launching your relationship online. “There’s definitely a misconception that everyone who’s more reserved about their relationship on social media is doing that from a place of shame or deceit,” says Tiffany. But she tells me, that isn’t the case at all for her relationship. When she and Harry…'No-launch' is the latest Instagram dating trend

You can now reply to Instagram Notes with new 'prompts' feature

If you use Instagram Notes, there are some new additions coming your way. The social media platform has announced several features rolling out globally for Notes today, including “prompts”, where users can ask followers questions that can be responded to, and “likes”, which allows followers to react to friends’ notes. SEE ALSO: TikTok’s answer to Instagram, Notes, is rolling out Notes is also introducing “mentions”, so that users can directly @ friends within publicly posted notes. You can now “like” Notes on Instagram. Credit: Instagram Mention friends directly in your Notes. Credit: Instagram These additions may draw newfound attention to Notes, which was released back in 2022 and sits within the DM section of Instagram. Recently, Notes has also introduced music and translation into this feature; essentially, users can share a 30-second clip of a song in their notes, and also translate friends’ notes with the click of a button. The app, child of parent company Meta, has been rolling out tons of new features lately, from a bunch of new stickers to the developing Instagram Spins, which allows users to swap out text or audio in Instagram Reels.You can now reply to Instagram Notes with new 'prompts' feature

Lobbyists for AI-related issues surged in 2023: Report 

The number of lobbyists working on issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) surged in 2023 compared to the previous four years as the federal government considered AI regulation, according to a report released by the advocacy group Public Citizen on Wednesday.  Both the number of clients lobbying on AI-related issues and the number of lobbyists hired by clients to lobby on AI-related issues significantly increased in 2023 compared to relatively stagnant amounts between 2019 and 2022, the report found, based on analysis of all lobbying disclosures from 2019 to 2023. The number of clients lobbying on AI-related issues increased by 120 percent from 2022 to 2023, up to 566 clients in 2023 compared to 272 in 2022. The number of lobbyists hired by clients to lobby on AI-related issues also increased by 120 percent from 2020 to 2023, up to 3,140 from 1,552 in 2022. Public Citizen expects lobbyist engagement to continue rising in 2024 as federal agencies work to enact actions directed by the Biden administration under the executive order released in October and Congress considers proposals related to AI. “We’re reaching a point where the policies that are going to shape AI policy in the next 10 years are really being decided now,” said Mike Tanglis, research director at Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division. “From our perspective, having the leading voices on an issue being those that stand to make billions of dollars is generally not a good idea for the public,” Tanglis added.   The number of…Lobbyists for AI-related issues surged in 2023: Report 

'This is sexual violence': Ocasio-Cortez boosts bill to tackle AI deepfake porn 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is emphasizing the need for federal legislation that would add protections around the spread of nonconsensual artificial intelligence (AI) deepfake pornography.   In a Tuesday video, Ocasio-Cortez underscored the need for protections, like the bipartisan Defiance Act she is leading in the House, amid a rise in AI-generated nonconsensual porn of prominent figures and regular people.   “This is sexual violence,” Ocasio-Cortez said in the video.   The congresswoman said she has been personally targeted by nonconsensual AI porn. She spoke about her experience and the fight to combat nonconsensual AI porn in an interview with Rolling Stone published in April.   Other prominent figure have also been targets of high-profile incidents of the spread of nonconsensual deepfake porn. Explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift that spread online in January highlighted the issue, and the White House weighed in to call it “alarming.”  Ocasio-Cortez said the even more concerning issue is how this is increasingly putting “every day people” at risk of “being targeted by this kind of reputational, sexual violence that is at its core exploitative.”   “And what is even crazier is that right now there are no federal protections for any person regardless of your gender if you’re a victim of nonconsensual deepfake pornography,” she added.   Without protections in place, the White House last week put out a call to action to urge tech companies to make voluntary commitments to disrupt monetization, creation and distribution of image-based sexual abuse.   “You might be asking yourself,…'This is sexual violence': Ocasio-Cortez boosts bill to tackle AI deepfake porn 

Instant messaging service ICQ is shutting down after 27 years

One of the oldest, still-running online platforms is finally closing its doors after 27 years. ICQ, a once-popular instant messaging service, announced on Friday via its website that it would be shutting down next month. “ICQ will stop working from June 26,” reads a message on “You can chat with friends in VK Messenger, and with colleagues in VK WorkSpace.”The alternative recommendations are messaging platforms belonging to VK, a Russia-based social media platform popular in the country and works much like Facebook. VK acquired ICQ in 2010 from AOL, which had bought the service in 1998.The first of the instant messengers ICQ is considered one of, if not the earliest instant messaging service on the internet. The platform, named after the phrase “I Seek You,” was developed by a small Israeli company named Mirabilis and launched in November 1996. ICQ predates other popular IM services like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) which became synonymous with the instant messaging space.From the mid-90s up until the aughts, instant messaging services reigned supreme on the internet. Services like AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger backed by the online tech giants of the time, served as one of the the prime ways in which internet users interacted before social media.However, despite these big competitors, ICQ caught on among the early adopters of the internet. In 1998, its biggest rival, AOL acquired the company for an upfront payment of $287 million, followed by an additional $120 million over three years based on the services’ performance. In 2001, AOL announced…Instant messaging service ICQ is shutting down after 27 years

Arizona secretary of state warns AI could be a 'magnifier' of disinformation ahead of election

Arizona’s Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) warned artificial intelligence (AI) could be a “magnifier” of misinformation ahead of the upcoming election on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. “Well, look, I have to reach back into my past,” Fontes said, according to a transcript. “And in boot camp and in other military training I had in the Marine Corps, we looked at the weapons of our enemies, and we train against them as much as possible. AI is not a new weapon. It’s an amplifier and a magnifier of mis- and disinformation.” “What I wanted to do is make sure that our elections officials were familiar with it, we had processes to deal with it and address it within each of our counties, because our elections are run at the county level, as well,” Fontes continued. “We also had a tabletop exercise among several for elections officials for the media so that our media partners could know how to react to it and recognize it.” President Biden said Tuesday in a post on the social platform X that AI “and the companies that wield its possibilities are going to transform the lives of people around the world – there’s no doubt about that.” “But first, they must earn our trust,” Biden continued. “I commit to do everything in my power to promote and demand safe, secure, trustworthy, and responsible innovation – that includes the use of AI-generated audio. I ask that AI companies join me in that commitment.” In the…Arizona secretary of state warns AI could be a 'magnifier' of disinformation ahead of election