What's Duolicious? I tried the 4chan dating app.

Online dating is getting a little too niche. There’s an app for vegans, farmers, rich people, Christians, the musically-inclined, and Christian farmers. So inevitably there’s a dating app for the chronically online, too. Available only on web or Android devices, Duolicious is the dating app for the “Based and true love-pilled,” according to its website.Completely free and open software, the site is marketed towards Reddit and 4chan users and has gotten a rep online as the “femcel dating app.” (“Femcel” refers to a woman who’s an “incel,” involuntarily celibate.) I guess if you’re in the market for a GF who’s willing to put up with “ironic” racism and edgelord humor, then the “4chan dating app” is the best place to be. At least this app doesn’t require you to look like you have your life together. SEE ALSO: Dating culture has become selfish. How do we fix it? The first Duolicious user apparently signed up last August, according to the site’s anonymous creator on X (formerly Twitter). Earlier this month, the site went viral, rocketing its user base from 5,000 users to over 50,000, according to its website. However, like many other dating apps, Duolicious is overwhelmingly male, with 15 men to every one woman — so not much of a “femcel” app at all. This demographic insight comes from user data that was scraped from the website. And while the app is indeed a big, online sausagefest, that shouldn’t stop you from seeking the cringe internet love you so…What's Duolicious? I tried the 4chan dating app.