This website offers uncensored, unfiltered sexual health education

The phrase, “There’s a censorship problem in the United States,” is a homing beacon for political and social division — instantly casting a sense of wariness about who is uttering it and for what aim. But it’s also true. From continued legislative attacks on inclusive education to digital “shadowbanning” of accounts in social media algorithms, content is often gate-kept from the masses. Frida Uncensored, a new website launched alongside the cult favorite maternity brand’s new fertility products, addresses this ongoing issue from a different perspective: One that hopes to circumvent the censorship around conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding product education.  Frida Uncensored provides Frida customers completely uncensored, anatomical tutorials for the use of their fertility and postpartum products — like a real-life version of the wholly unhelpful cartoons seen in the comically accordion-folded instruction packets for things like tampons and menstrual cups. The first set of videos, available today, feature adult entertainment actress and mom Asa Akira using tools like the at-home insemination kit and the Frida Mom peri bottle. Future videos will feature other real-life customers who can now apply to be a part of the Uncensored campaign. “Traditional and social media outlets are really effective tools to drive awareness that sites like this exist,” Frida founder and CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn told Mashable. “That being said, we have a hard time even advertising using the word ‘fertility.’ We’re at the whim of the algorithm, so to speak, and the algorithm needs a more human touch. The algorithm is not set up equitably.” Recent…This website offers uncensored, unfiltered sexual health education