X automatically changed 'Twitter' to 'X' in users' posts, breaking legit URLs

It might be easy to forget at times, but technically, Twitter is no more. Elon Musk changed the name of the company to “X” last summer. Yes, the main domain name for Musk’s X is still Twitter.com. Yes, there are multiple official pages on the platform where the company still refers to it as “Twitter.” Yes, most people still call it “Twitter.” But, Musk’s social media platform is officially called X.On Monday, it appears X attempted to encourage users to cease referring to it as Twitter and instead adopt the name X. Some users began noticing that posts viewed via X for iOS were changing any references of “Twitter.com” to “X.com” automatically.   X user @___frye posted “Twitter .com” but on X’s app for iOS it shows as “X .com” Credit: Mashable Screenshot X’s Twitter dot com problemYes, you read that correctly. If a user typed in “Twitter.com,” they would see “Twitter.com” as they typed it before hitting “Post.” But, after submitting, the platform would show “X.com” in its place on the X for iOS app, without the user’s permission, for everyone viewing the post.And shortly after this revelation, it became clear that there was another big issue: X was changing anything ending in “Twitter.com” to “X.com.”As of publication of this piece, here’s how one post currently shows up on X’s website: Here’s how @Arcticstar0’s post looks like X’s website. Credit: Mashable Screenshot Here’s how the same post currently looks on X for iOS: Here’s how the same @Arcticstar0 post looks like…X automatically changed 'Twitter' to 'X' in users' posts, breaking legit URLs