Twitter's blue check purge is barely affecting paid subscriptions

It’s been more than a week since Twitter removed legacy verified blue checkmarks from celebrities, pro athletes, and media figures. This decision from Twitter owner Elon Musk was meant to push users towards Twitter Blue, the company’s $8 (or $11 on mobile) subscription service, which is now the only way that a user can get a verified badge on their profile.So, how is it going?Approximately 619,858 Twitter users were subscribed to Twitter Blue as of the end of April. That’s around $5 million per month or $60 million per year.Where do these Twitter Blue subscriber estimates come from?The latest data was provided to Mashable by developer and researcher Travis Brown who has been tracking Twitter Blue subscriptions since early this year. Based on previous internal leaks from the company, Brown estimates his methodology for tracking Twitter Blue subscriptions pulls in somewhere around 90 percent of all Twitter Blue users.Brown estimates that there could be between 640,000 and 680,000 Twitter Blue subscribers in total as of April 30.To compare, Snapchat, a competing social networking platform, launched a premium paid subscription service last June and reached 1 million paying subscribers in just two months. Musk’s version of Twitter Blue launched in November. As of mid-April, Snapchat shared that its Snapchat+ premium service now has more than 3 million paying subscribers.And these latest estimates include somewhere around 9,000 Twitter users with over 1 million followers who have been provided with a free “complimentary” subscription to Twitter Blue. The numbers also include users who have…Twitter's blue check purge is barely affecting paid subscriptions