Do Not Bottleneck, Minion

Do not obstruct or blockade normal business processes to seem more important. We get it, you cannot say “yes” but you can say “no.” However do not try to turn not saying “no” into saying “yes.” Their is a world of separation between gate keeping, and power Tripping. At least 90% of the time everyone, bosses, leadership at other involved firms, and subordinate staff know what someone is doing. It’s not a good look, and makes everything take longer, cost more, and chills enthusiasm for the project. If you’re not in the legal department, everyone is generally better off if you forward the document to legal, rather than trying to negotiate the language of standard terms prior to allowing legal to review. Many other examples exist, but you get the idea. Saying “no” is a filter for obvious issues, not a license to bottleneck activities outside the purview of your job. The post Do Not Bottleneck, Minion appeared first on Mason Pelt.Do Not Bottleneck, Minion