Create standout content on-the-go with the new Adobe Express mobile app

Buckle up, content creators — the all-new Adobe Express mobile app is now available on iOS and Android, and it’s packing a fresh glow-up with its bundle of new generative AI tools. In a nutshell, the same intuitive features powered by Adobe’s creative generative AI (Firefly) originally available only on the Adobe Express desktop version, are now ready for you to take anywhere.Adobe Express, the all-in-one AI content creation app, is faster and easier to use than before. Start a post, edit a video, create a mood board or collage, or remove the background on a photo or video in an instant. Or begin a social post for work using Adobe Express on your desktop, then finish, schedule, and publish your project from wherever you are. You can also collaborate with your team in real-time from anywhere, dialing in a more seamless on-the-go workflow. Whether you’re a freelancer looking to collaborate more efficiently with your clients, a small business owner trying to establish your brand, or a lifestyle influencer crafting on-trend content for your feed, here’s everything you need to know to take your content creation to the next level.  Insert, remove, or replace objects in a snap The Adobe Express Generative Fill feature lets you easily insert, remove, or replace objects with just a few taps, so you can tweak and customize your images and videos in a flash. Whether you want to add a surfboard or a colorful lei, or replace an entire object or background for a social post or…Create standout content on-the-go with the new Adobe Express mobile app