All Tomorrow’s Futures – TODAY!

Well how much fun was that. The amazing Eva Pascoe and the good folk from the Cybersalon think tank invited me up to the launch of “All Tomorrow’s Futures” at the British Science Fiction convention in Telford at the weekend.ShareEva kindly wrote the forward to my new book “Money in the Metaverse” but is better known for co-founding Cyberia, the first internet cafe in UK, located at 39 Whitfield Street in the heart of London’s famous West End.As an aside, Ironbridge (just outside Telford) was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, so I could not help but stop off and pay homage to the structure itself.I had lovely day out learning about coke. Meanwhile back at the Telford International Centre, Eva was gearing up to the book launch.“All Tomorrow’s Futures” is anthology of new speculative fiction produced through an interesting combination of art and science. The writers produced rough drafts of the these stories and the stories and then sent them out to domain experts (eg, me) for comment and critique. The writers then took the expert input and used it to refine their work.I was a subject matter expert for Part 3, the section on Finance and Digital Money, and I have to say that I loved it! It was so interesting (and fun) working with the writers and watching them evolve material far more imaginative and expressive than I would have thought of myself.Editor Stephen Oram, Contributor Eva Pascoe and “Expert” Me (Next to actual physical books!)The book…All Tomorrow’s Futures – TODAY!