YouTube Deletes Australian Politician’s First Speech To Parliament

It is the summer of 2023, and almost as soon as another dramatic global crisis (the war) hit the world, coronavirus pulled off a magic trick and disappeared – with most restrictions and mandates disappearing with it. And yet, it still “lives” on powerful online platforms, as an effective means and excuse to employ censorship of what should in any democratic country be legal and protected speech. Australia has been among those who embarrassed themselves the most by imposing draconian measures against citizens and non-citizens for years, but now that the measures are lifted, the political mood seems to be to pretend they never happened. Not if new member of parliament in Australia’s state of New South Wales (NSW), John Ruddick, has something to say about it. And he does – but the question now is, how many people will hear it, considering that YouTube has decided to censor his very first speech delivered in the legislature. As far as YouTube’s censorship is concerned, time stopped sometime in 2020 – the platform still uses the phrase “medical misinformation” to tell victims of censorship why their voices are being stifled – and little, if anything else by way of explanation (something similar has recently happened to elected representatives in the EU). The “misinformation” Roddick allegedly spread in his address last Wednesday was in line with him disagreeing as early as 2021 with the way his own party, the Liberal Democrats, chose to deal with the pandemic. Now, he told the parliament,…YouTube Deletes Australian Politician’s First Speech To Parliament