YouTube Censors Jordan Peterson For “Hate Speech”

Dr. Jordan Peterson, the ex-University of Toronto psychology professor who gained fame for his vigorous defense of free speech, has been subjected to what is perceived as a systemic censorship effort by YouTube. A popular figure in media circles, Peterson’s prolific online presence took a hit when the video-sharing platform decided to censor his account, a move the professor lamented on social media. On Wednesday, the professor shared on Twitter a copy of the email he received from YouTube justifying the censorship. YouTube’s response to Peterson’s appeal against the decision, which it labeled as a part of their efforts to maintain a “safe place for all,” has been met with fierce opposition by the professor. Peterson’s content that was in dispute involved an episode from his podcast titled “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.” YouTube pointed to this episode as a violation of its hate speech policy, without specifying which parts triggered the policy breach. Responding to this censorship, Peterson took to Twitter, expressing his disappointment at what he referred to as the ‘woke corporate overlords’ who, he implied, assumed the audience lacked discernment. He contended that a small group of activists had capitalized on their positions to anonymously label him as promoting hate speech due to his disapproval of certain practices concerning children. “Hey, Peasants. Your woke corporate overlords think you’re too stupid to separate wheat from chaff yourselves.” “You know what? I don’t think so.” “I think a small coterie of activists operating narcissistically behind the scenes took the…YouTube Censors Jordan Peterson For “Hate Speech”