Your Top Ten From Last Year, My Three Predictions For Next Year

Dateline: New York, 18th January 2024.It’s that time of the year again so let me look back on 2023 in the now traditional fashion by going over my top 10 Forbes columns from last year. When I say top 10, I mean the stories with the most visits from the readers, not my top 10 favourites.Subscribe nowYour Top 10Here we go then. The top 10 stories for 2023 were:In “The wallets wars are not about money they are about identity” I set out why it is that the battle for consumers’ digital wallets is just so strategically important: and it’s not about payments. With the launch of the European Union’s Digital Identity wallet coming soon and lots of activity around more decentralised digital identity services in the startup space, I can see why it is that many organisations feel need to develop their own plans for either providing or using them.I remain sceptical about cryptocurrency but not about digital assets or tokenisation, as I set out in “Larry Fink says tokens are the next generation for markets”, and throughout the year this view has strengthened. The tensions about cashless retailing in America fascinate me and clearly many others too given the response to my column “The number of ATMs is falling the number of reverse ATMs is rising”. Questions around the future of cash and the drift towards cashlessness attract passionate debate and digital currencies are a particular interest of mine, I am interested to see the many different facets of…Your Top Ten From Last Year, My Three Predictions For Next Year