X lowers the eligibility requirements for creator monetization

Elon Musk really wants users to sign up for X Premium, the $8-per-month subscription service formerly known as Twitter Blue. He’s so desperate for people to sign up for the ad-share revenue program that the company has lowered the threshold to qualify.Now, you only need a paid X Premium subscription, 5 million impressions within the last three months, and 500 followers. In addition, the minimum payment threshold amount was lowered to just $10. Tweet may have been deleted These are pretty big cuts. Previously, in order to be eligible for monetization, users who subscribed to X Premium needed to have a cumulative total of 15 million impressions over the past 3 months. It’s now been lowered by two-thirds. Prior to that, the eligibility requirements were even more stringent, requiring at least 5 million impressions per month for the past three months. The threshold in order to get paid was previously $50 as well.Shortly after the official announcement from the X account, Musk posted his own promotion of the changes. As usual, whenever he posts about the platform’s creator program, he stressed that users had to be subscribed to X Premium and that only impressions from other X Premium subscribers count towards monetization.This time, however, he went a step further. Musk promoted the program by stating that users who are eligible for monetization “essentially” will get X Premium for “free,” assuming that they make more than the $8 per month that they spend on the subscription. Tweet may have been deleted…X lowers the eligibility requirements for creator monetization