WHO Pandemic Treaty Negotiator Wants To Combat Online “Misinformation,” Calls It a “Serious Health Threat”

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. At first glance it might seem ludicrous to some – or indeed, many people – that we are still discussing “the pandemic” at the highest international level – where the United Nations purports to still be. But those people need to pay attention to detail. The push is no longer about promoting one and only truth about “the” pandemic – but about pandemics in general (as if the Covid one was the first the humankind ever experienced – and, for that reason, now extra special measures need to be in place for the next one). And, making all this a little easier to comprehend, woven into the story is now firmly the notion of “misinformation, fact-checking” and other such at this point in time, time and time again, debunked narratives. Nevertheless they live on, as Larry Gostin, who heads Georgetown’s WHO (UN World Health Organization) Collaborating Center, seems to prove in a recent interview. And he’s not “just any” paper – or indeed, policy-pusher – some reports describe him as having “a key behind-the-scenes role in negotiations.” … appointed by who? Behind the scenes, for what reason? “Collaboration” on what? So many questions – so few answers. Related: WHO moves forward with plans to target “misinformation” through international pandemic treaty Meanwhile, health threats and online “misinformation” are as per usual banded into one here, and elevated to essentially strategic, and existential. And all-society approach to…WHO Pandemic Treaty Negotiator Wants To Combat Online “Misinformation,” Calls It a “Serious Health Threat”