WEF Digital Safety Partner Calls For Online Crackdown on “Harmful” Content

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. France-founded Teleperformance, a multinational digital service that is one of the World Economic Forum’s partners in the Global Coalition for Digital Safety (set up to tackle “harmful content and conduct online”) has come out with new recommendations to platforms seeking to censor a certain group of online creators. These would be those who are flagged as causing harm, and what a write-up on the WEF website by two Teleperformance execs urges is that platforms should change their censorship policy frequently, as well as track and seek to demonetize those, so to speak, “demonized” creators. Teleperformance, which is in the business telemarketing, customer relationship management, content moderation, and communication, would also like to see more collaboration at the “multi-stakeholder” level – needless to say, all to combat whatever these stakeholders decide is “harm.” The authors refer to this as a “multi-faceted” approach to what they qualify as “real-world harm,” and are looking to rally the industry to “collaborate.” Teleperformance has no doubt that the level of “harm” now coming from online content deserves to be dubbed as growing at “an alarming rate” and “AI”-powered capabilities are particularly singled out as dangerous. The proposed solution goes three ways, always stressing the collaborative nature of this undertaking. First, this WEF collaborator addresses content policies, and how effectively they are enforced. Here, while reasonably happy about how platforms are combining machine learning and human “moderation” to produce the…WEF Digital Safety Partner Calls For Online Crackdown on “Harmful” Content