US Surgeon General Boasted About Working With Big Tech To Tackle “Misinformation,” Documents Show

The floodgates that the Twitter Files opened in empowering media to talk about the long-alleged and now for all intents and purposes obvious Big Tech/government collusion – that was until recently treated as pure “conspiracy theorizing” – keep producing reporting about yet more cases to prove the point. One of the biggest buzzwords of the past few years coming from both Big Tech and government(s) has been, “misinformation.” US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was among those who started using it early. And he has been using it often. In late summer 2021, Murthy had a private meeting with the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, during which they learned that the US government was combating what it designated as misinformation “in many ways.” And you guessed it, one of the ways was in collaboration (collusion?) with companies behind social media. Many of these reports have one clear through line – that such activities were being done behind closed doors, far from the public eye, privately. Why? It’s anybody’s guess, but it could easily be that the “misinformation” (and those co-opted into it from Big Tech) themselves weren’t exactly sure their actions were actually above legal board. Either way – Murthy was not the only one trying to push the “think of the children” button when, essentially, selling a policy of censorship. Rather, it looks like ground preparation work, judging by reports coming out now, President Biden himself a month later, in September 2021, received a demand…US Surgeon General Boasted About Working With Big Tech To Tackle “Misinformation,” Documents Show