UK: Conservative Councillor Is Arrested For “Hate Crime” For Tweet Defending Free Speech

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Anthony Stevens, a Conservative Councillor from Wellingborough, England, has reportedly been arrested and probed for a supposed hate crime over his engagement in the sharing of a video critical of a police confrontation with a Christian street preacher. The chilling event, highlighting the increasing state intervention on individuals’ freedom of expression, stirs growing concerns around the fast erosion of democratic values and liberties in Britain. In one striking instance, back in May, Stevens shared a public tweet reflecting his concern over a controversial arrest. The video in question, still circulating on the internet, captures the intense moments when a London policeman confiscated the Bible from Christian preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi, levying against him ill-founded accusations of Islamophobia. Ilesanmi later received compensation totaling £2,500 ($3,147), acknowledging his wrongful arrest. In the web of uncertainty that followed, officers advised Stevens that the video tweet he propagated originated from the feed of a Britain First member. Stevens maintained his innocence, denying awareness of Britain First’s existence and insisting the act of sharing the video was born purely out of his vexation towards what appeared to be “religious discrimination in law enforcement.” According to The Telegraph, police confronted Stevens over his tweet expressing solidarity with fellow councilor King Lawal, who trod the path of social cancellation for articulating his Christian beliefs surrounding LGBT matters. Lawal, the sole black councilor in Northamptonshire, met disciplinary action from his Conservative comrades for…UK: Conservative Councillor Is Arrested For “Hate Crime” For Tweet Defending Free Speech