Ubisoft Confirms It May Delete Inactive Accounts (Along With Any Games You Purchased)

Ubisoft, the giant publisher known for big franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, faces a backlash following a recent policy clarification regarding account activity. In an alarming revelation, the company announced that inactive Ubisoft accounts risk permanent closure, resulting in players potentially losing access to all games purchased on the platform. This controversial stance may cause serious repercussions for Ubisoft, especially among prospective buyers interested in the publisher’s upcoming line-up of eight new releases. Ubisoft, although a household name in the gaming industry, has often drawn criticism from players over the repetitiveness of its gameplay mechanics. Most notably, its predictable gameplay formula—climbing towers and clearing checkpoints in open-world games—has exhausted many of its fans’ patience. In response to these grievances, Ubisoft seems to be adjusting the formula in its upcoming titles, such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, by scaling down these criticized elements. The contentious policy regarding inactive accounts was confirmed by Ubisoft Support in response to an AntiDRM Twitter post. The user from AntiDRM had shared an email notification from Ubisoft, warning about a temporary suspension due to account inactivity, with the threat of a permanent closure in 30 days. Ubisoft Support responded, stating they “certainly do not want you to lose access to your games or account,” further clarifying that this could be prevented by simply logging into the account. Ubisoft’s statement sparked a considerable outcry on Twitter. Users pointed out the irony of Ubisoft’s claim to prioritize customers’ access to their games while simultaneously implementing a policy…Ubisoft Confirms It May Delete Inactive Accounts (Along With Any Games You Purchased)