Twitter's rebrand to X has its website looking like a mess

After decades of looking for something to do with his domain name, Elon Musk has finally found it. Twitter, a globally recognized brand that brought the word “tweet” into the mainstream lexicon around the world, is apparently no more. Twitter is now X.Musk had previously talked about using Twitter to create his ultimate vision for an everything app known as X. However, the decision to rebrand Twitter to X right now seems to have come together over the weekend, with Musk literally crowdsourcing amongst his followers for a new logo design.  Tweet may have been deleted “And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” Musk tweeted before eventually choosing a new design. The new logo for the platform now known as X is simply 𝕏, a generic Unicode character that stands for a “mathematical double-struck capital X.” Tweet may have been deleted And in the very early hours of Monday morning, Musk dropped Twitter’s infamous blue bird logo in exchange for the 𝕏 across the website. The company also switched the avatars of all of its official accounts from the blue bird to the new “X” logo, too.A rebranding of this magnitude usually takes a lot of time and effort — something that Musk clearly did not afford his team. X, the platform now formerly known as Twitter, looks like an absolute mess right now, as Musk hasn’t bid adieu to all the birds quite yet.While Musk has had the platform’s logos replaced with…Twitter's rebrand to X has its website looking like a mess