Twitter's algorithm specifically tracks how Elon Musk's tweets are doing

Twitter has just released – as promised by owner Elon Musk – the source code for its recommendation algorithm, and there’s already been a very interesting discovery in the code.After pouring through the code, multiple people found at least one really interesting portion of the code that shows Twitter is specifically tracking metrics for users broken up into four different groups:”power_user””republican””democrat”and”elon”That’s right, Twitter is specifically tracking how Musk’s tweets are performing, and it’s been coded right into Twitter’s algorithm. A screenshot of one of the relevant portions of the algorithm released by Twitter. Credit: Mashable Screenshot Following the release of the algorithm, a Twitter Spaces audio chat was set up by the company. Musk and a few of Twitter’s developers took questions from listeners. A couple individuals brought this particular part of the algorithm up during the conversation.”This is the first time I’m seeing this,” Musk said when asked about the code that tracked accounts in these four groups including one just for his tweets. “There’s a ton of stupid and embarrassing things being shown by making the code open source.”While Musk claims he did not know about the metric tracking portion of the algorithm, he has previously admitted that Twitter was reviewing his account’s analytics. He did so in a tweet last month in order to push back against reports that he called an emergency Twitter meeting to boost his tweets in the algorithm, after a Super Bowl tweet from President Joe Biden performed better than Musk’s own tweet…Twitter's algorithm specifically tracks how Elon Musk's tweets are doing