Twitter Owner Elon Musk Commits To Upcoming EU Censorship Law

Ever since he took over Twitter, Elon Musk has been under fire from various political and media corners, and the EU was hardly to be expected to miss out on this witch-hunt of sorts. Now, Musk appears to be appeasing the Brussels bureaucrats by promising that his social media company will respect EU laws designed to fight “disinformation and hate speech.” This transpires from an interview Musk gave to the France 2 channel, and according to reports, he phrased it like this (the interview was, as is the custom in continental Europe, dubbed in the local language rather than subtitled): “If laws are passed, Twitter will obey the law.” The law he seems to have been referring to, responding to a question, is the Digital Services Act (DSA), which is already in force and will start to be applied on August 25. It basically regulates content moderation – or, some would say, censorship – on the web. The EU is certainly not one of those who would call it that – positive language is used instead to describe the legislation, as something that will force big platforms to protect consumers, and, “reduce harm.” Notwithstanding its actual market position and user numbers – compared to true Big Tech behemoths – the EU now considers Twitter “a very large” platform, and thus, content posted on there is “fair game” under the DSA. But Musk appears to be talking out of both sides of his mouth in a way that might please free…Twitter Owner Elon Musk Commits To Upcoming EU Censorship Law