Twitter cuts many app developers' API access, even those willing to pay $42,000 per month

When Twitter announced it would no longer provide free API access, some disappointed third-party developers said that they would have to deactivate fun bots they had made in their spare time.When Twitter rolled out the pricing for its paid API tiers last week, many indie developers announced they would have to shut down apps they had made for the platform. These distraught devs included those that had created services making hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, as the new API subscription tiers from Twitter would even priced them out.Now, the Elon Musk-owned company has seemingly cut off API access to even some of the largest Twitter-based apps – including some that wanted to pay the exorbitant new fees which start at $42,000 per month.On early Tuesday morning, a number of tech founders found that Twitter had suspended their apps from accessing the Twitter API. Twitter previously said last week that it would “deprecate current access” to the old free Twitter API day plans over the next 30 days. However, the move to suspend the API access today took many by surprise. Perhaps the most surprised, though, are the few developers who actually agreed to pay Twitter tens of thousands of dollars per month. Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) “Tweet Hunter has been banned from Twitter,” tweeted the founder of the Twitter content-creating web app “5,426 Twitter power users are affected. No warning, no email, nada. We have no idea why.”Enterprise plan applicants were cut…Twitter cuts many app developers' API access, even those willing to pay $42,000 per month