Tony Blair Institute Calls For a Digital ID For All British Citizens, Calls It The “Great Enabler”

The Tony Blair Institute is pushing for a dystopian sea change in the UK’s public service landscape. A new report from the institute champions the introduction of a comprehensive digital ID system as the lynchpin, all under the guise of creating streamlined, efficient, and personalized access to public services. The Tangle: As it stands, UK citizens grapple with a network of several different access points for government services. However doing it this way limits the amount of centralized control the government has over citizens. The Blair institute’s report proposes that digital IDs can radically overhaul this convoluted ecosystem, “empowering” citizens to take the reins of their data. It’s unclear how giving up more data is empowering. Sector Spotlight: The report highlights the multifaceted potential of digital IDs across sectors like education, healthcare, immigration, and welfare. For instance, in a tie-in with Big Tech, in education, digital IDs can “help” in consolidating insights from data collected through apps like Google’s Classroom, and enable easy sharing of this information with parents. Healthcare: By leveraging digital IDs and tying it to healthcare, the plan is that doctors could craft bespoke treatments for patients, honing in on personalized care. However it would further centralize a patient’s private medical data. Immigration Overhaul: A notable point in the report is the opportunity to revamp the immigration and asylum system, which currently carries an annual £3 billion ($3.8 billion) price tag, including £6 million ($7.6 billion) per day for hotel lodging and £219 million ($280 million) annually…Tony Blair Institute Calls For a Digital ID For All British Citizens, Calls It The “Great Enabler”