TikTok Partners With Fact-Checkers to Police Election “Disinformation,” Tests Rollout in Taiwan

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. TikTok – the globally massively popular Chinese video app – has apparently decided to boost its “democratic” credibility by working with controversial and often proven as harmful to democracies fact-checking industry. And strategically in Taiwan, of all places. The island which broke away from China considers itself independent, but China and most of the world, including the US, does not recognize that, and there have been long-standing tensions between Taipei and Beijing. Now presidential elections are coming up in Taiwan, and TikTok’s “2024 Election Guide” names MyGoPen, which is based in Taiwan, as the “fact-checking partner” there. MyGoPen, in turn, is “certified” by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), founded by Florida-based Poynter Institute. TikTok may not be a Silicon Valley behemoth, but it is learning fast from its US counterparts, down to the corporate jargon: in explaining the decision, the company behind the platform said this is done in order to “protect election integrity” and also, provide “authoritative information” to users. Some reports assume that the move is supposed to “distance” TikTok from itself – namely, the fact it is a Chinese company – and criticism, particularly in the West, that comes with that. But when the full circle is completed here, TikTok pretty much ends up where it started, that is, with some suspiciously Chinese internet censorship-style solutions and methods – even if the intent seems to be to bolster whatever Taiwan’s Election…TikTok Partners With Fact-Checkers to Police Election “Disinformation,” Tests Rollout in Taiwan