TikTok Bans Rockstar Ronnie Radke for Unfiltered Commentary on Transgender Issues

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Ronnie Radke, lead vocalist of the band Falling In Reverse, is no stranger to the spotlight or, indeed, to controversy. He recently found himself at the crux of a new storm after being banned from TikTok due to his views on gender identity. Radke has never shied away from expressing his viewpoint, even amidst backlash, bringing his personal battle for free speech into the public eye yet again. Radke, known for his sharp and forthright commentary, made headlines by openly discussing his perspective on the ongoing discourse around the rights of biological women and trans issues. Over a series of X posts, he rebutted accusations of bigotry, womanizing, and abuse hurled at him, emphasizing that those who branded him such were conversely endorsing the notion that trans individuals can experience menstruation. He amplified his argument by citing several examples, one of which was a post featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a trans influencer and a Tampax tampon spokesperson. For Radke, such choices can be seen as virtually undermining the biological experiences unique to women. Radke took to X, posting: “Imagine getting your tik tok deleted, or losing your job or alienated for saying that a trans woman can’t have a period, you all have mothers and sisters and wives and girlfriends and know damn well the struggles of being a born women and the pain of endometriosis etc and have the audacity to try and silence…TikTok Bans Rockstar Ronnie Radke for Unfiltered Commentary on Transgender Issues