Threads’ Rejection of “Hard News” Is A Symptom Of Advertisers and Censors Pulling All The Strings

Instagram Chief Executive, Adam Mosseri, has recently made clear the platform’s policy concerning political discourse and hard news following the launch of Meta’s new platform – Threads. Diverging from its competitor Twitter’s strategy, Mosseri articulated that Instagram will not be engaging in any strategies to actively promote politics and hard news. Over recent years, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has notably distanced itself from the political sphere and the realm of hard news, setting a stark contrast to Twitter’s new open encouragement of political dialogue. Despite the shared ambition between Instagram’s new app, Threads, and Twitter, of transforming into a digital public square, Mosseri confirmed on a Threads post, “The goal isn’t to replace Twitter.” Instead, Threads is intended to serve as a hub for community discussions for those who may not be inclined towards Twitter or seek a less confrontational space for interactions. However, Mosseri pointed out that while they anticipate politics and hard news will naturally make their way onto the platform, Instagram will not provide any incentives for those particular topics. When queried by a user about the seeming contradiction between Threads’ aspiration to be a “public square” and the non-prioritization of political and news content, Mosseri clarified, “We won’t discourage or down-rank news or politics, we just won’t court them the way we have in the past.” While the Instagram boss recognized the significance of politics and hard news, he stressed that, from a platform’s perspective, the potential increase in engagement and revenue they might…Threads’ Rejection of “Hard News” Is A Symptom Of Advertisers and Censors Pulling All The Strings