The News Media vs. The First Amendment

The media landscape, once a bastion of the First Amendment – a force that championed the right to free speech and a free press – is navigating uncharted waters. Over the last decade, we have witnessed a significant shift in this landscape, with the media becoming increasingly concerned with the containment of online “misinformation” and in some cases advocating for its outright censorship. This stance marks a stark departure from the traditional role journalism played in the societal sphere. The news media has long been seen as the “Fourth Estate” – an independent entity set apart from the government that has the responsibility to hold power to account. It was born and grew up on the principles of the First Amendment, fiercely guarding the right to express unpopular opinions, report uncomfortable truths, and ensure the populace was informed, no matter how unpalatable the information. .memberful-global-teaser-content p:last-child{ -webkit-mask-image: linear-gradient(180deg, #000 0%, transparent); mask-image: linear-gradient(180deg, #000 0%, transparent); } Sign Up To Keep Reading This post is for Reclaim The Net supporters. Gain access to the entire archive of features and supporters-only content. Help protect free speech, freedom from surveillance, and digital civil liberties. Join Already a supporter? Login here The post The News Media vs. The First Amendment appeared first on Reclaim The Net.The News Media vs. The First Amendment