The ACLU Defends The NRA In First Amendment Case

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Debanking is one of the most prominent moves against free speech to raise peoples’ attention over the last couple of years, and now the ACLU has taken an interest – especially now that local governments are directly calling for some entities to be financially deplatformed. While the ACLU has been rocky in its support of free speech in recent years, it is making an effort to support a pro-Second Amendment Group with its First Amendment rights. The partnership of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a rare sight to behold, given their divergent ideologies, especially regarding gun control rights. Yet, common ground has been found in their mutual defense of fundamental First Amendment freedoms, exemplified by an unexpected query by the NRA’s legal counsel. William A. Brewer III, in a move suggested to the New York Times, proposed that the ACLU should represent the NRA in its freedom of speech challenge before the Supreme Court. While this unusual alliance might perplex some, the ACLU and the NRA, according to Brewer, are the “800-pound gorillas” of the First and Second Amendments respectively. The strange bedfellows scenario arises from a contention between the NRA and a New York official who attempted to ostracize the association, an act perceived as infringing on the NRA’s First Amendment rights. If you’re a regular reader of Reclaim The Net, this is something you’ll…The ACLU Defends The NRA In First Amendment Case