Tech Policy Press is Launching a Fellowship Program

Apply by September 12, 2023. Tech Policy Press is a nonprofit media venture intended to provoke new ideas, debate, and discussion at the intersection of technology and democracy. At a time of great challenge to democracies globally, Tech Policy Press seeks to advance a pro-democracy movement in tech and tech policy. To support new and diverse perspectives in tech policy and expand our coverage, Tech Policy Press is launching a fellowship program. Starting in Fall 2023, Tech Policy Press will support a small number of part-time fellows to research and write on critical topics that seek to educate the public and decision-makers about technology and its impact on democracy and society. The fellowships are part of a commitment to promote new voices and build a more global discussion of tech policy.  Reporting and Information Fellows These 12-month fellowships will consist of two tracks, reporting fellows and information fellows. All fellows will work remotely.  Reporting fellows: Fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend to produce original articles for based on the interests of the fellow, relevant news and policy developments, and Tech Policy Press content priorities. The fellowship offers an opportunity for individuals to explore policy ideas and approaches, document technological issues or harms, or pursue data-driven investigations. Information fellows: Fellows will receive a $25,000 stipend to expand and deepen Tech Policy Press policy research efforts, including documenting regulations, legislation, and other government actions that seek to govern technology across the world. Fellows will work with Tech Policy Press core staff and…Tech Policy Press is Launching a Fellowship Program