Substak Notes Day 1

Substak notes launched today garnering a lot of media attention. As with every new social network that gets a lot of press people are hyped about how it’s the greatest thing ever. I’ve watched people do this going back to Google Plus. Social networks are not primarily enjoyable places to spend time dude to technical achievement. Twitter became my home on the web, my notes app, and a way to meet people. Twitter’s power was mostly network effect, and cumulative history. On Twitter is a tool where I could interact with bonified celebrities, befriend a pseudonymous lawyer who became a Pokemon Go buddy, have my work read by people I respect, and dunk on the so called worlds richest man. The technical requirements of that tool are impressive, but less so than the size and quality of the userbase it interconnected. Hype, brings a flash of users. That’s why Google Plus, and Post both felt super magical in the first days. A lot of people actively trying the new thing make it fun. What I’m noticing right now is that all the people who all caps REALLY LOVE NOTES have outsized influence relative to the platform. If you had 16k followers on Twitter you were a small-medium fish in a very large pond. On Substack Notes 16k subscribers makes you a very large fish in a very small pond that is for the moment very active. I remember on Twitter when the most followed users were all geeky tech podcasts….Substak Notes Day 1