Security Risk To Banning TikTok

I’ve written that I don’t support a TikTok ban. Banning TikTok on grounds of national security and individual privacy, is ridiculous until the U.S. has some sort of general privacy protection enshrined into law. But I, not virtually anyone else have examined the individual cybersecurity risks to a TikTok ban. Robert Olson, a security researcher writing for The Conversation looks at the implications of a TikTok ban on individual’s cybersecurity. Between users trying to access TikTok after a ban, and the general infeasibility of a ban Olson makes a good case that banning TikTok will weaken individual’s cybersecurity. Banning TikTok could weaken personal cybersecurityBy: Robert Olson, April 11, 2023, The post Security Risk To Banning TikTok appeared first on Mason Pelt.Security Risk To Banning TikTok