Saskatchewan Nurse Faces Disciplinary Hearing For Social Media Posts Rejecting Covid Mandates

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. In a new verdict concerning medical freedom and free speech, another Canadian nurse could face de-certification. Delegate Leah McInnes, a Saskatchewan nurse, had a grievance filed against her by a colleague on September 26, 2021, after her social media posts spoke out against the compulsion for COVID-19 vaccines. Despite advocating their usage, she expressed strong resistance to the imposition of medical measures. Between August and October 2021, McInnes publicly criticized the government’s pandemic strategy via social media, triggering an investigation by Saskatchewan’s College of Registered Nurses (CRNS) into her nonworking hours advocacy. She was accused by the governing body of propagating “misinformation” through expressing differing opinions, such as her promise to campaign for the removal of “unjustly excessive mandates” and the violation of individuals’ medical record privacy. She was subsequently charged with “professional misconduct” under the Registered Nurses Act, for her social media posts and involvement in the protest. They argue she abused her authority and operated outside her professional domain. As reported by Rebel, the College suggested that McInnes confess to professional misconduct, albeit she stood firm with her convictions in defense of free speech rights. Subsequently, they raised a Notice of hearing against her, which encompassed an updated list of allegations against her. The listing includes her participation in a demonstration against vaccine mandates, alongside posting “anti-vaccine messages” online, her legal representation at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms stated. In the…Saskatchewan Nurse Faces Disciplinary Hearing For Social Media Posts Rejecting Covid Mandates