Rumble Launches Playlists, Watch Later, and Watch History

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Rumble, the growing video platform, has introduced significant enhancements to its user experience with the launch of its new “My Library” feature and advanced playlist functionalities. The newly unveiled “My Library” section is a hub for personal video management, exclusively accessible to logged-in users on the web platform. This feature includes a comprehensive array of tools and sections such as: The “Watch History” showcases the 5 most recent videos viewed, with a link to view the entire history. The default “Watch Later” playlist displays the first 10 items, along with a full-view option. Access to the 10 most recent custom playlists created by the user and those followed by other users. A section for the 5 most recent Liked Videos, with an option to view all. source: Rumble source: Rumble Adding videos to playlists has been made more user-friendly with two new methods: A new menu next to video tiles, activated by hovering over a video and clicking the three vertical dots, allows quick addition to the “Watch Later” playlist or other existing or new playlists. A universal “Save” button across all videos, which opens a pop-up for playlist management. Users can also create new playlists while saving a video. These playlists come with flexible visibility settings: Public, Unlisted, and Private, catering to different privacy preferences. Additionally, users can link playlists to their channels, with the channel appearing as the “author” of the playlist….Rumble Launches Playlists, Watch Later, and Watch History