Roundup of Federal Legislative Proposals that Pertain to Generative AI: Part II

Anna Lenhart is a Policy Fellow at the Institute for Data Democracy and Politics at The George Washington University. Previously she served as a Technology Policy Advisor in the US House of Representatives. Anton Grabolle / Better Images of AI / Classification Cupboard / CC-BY 4.0 While the US Congress is now in recess, the fall promises to be busy with discussions around potential regulation of artificial intelligence, including a series of hearings promoted by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to generate new legislation.  There is already a significant body of proposed legislation pertaining to AI. In April, I crowdsourced a list of bills from the 117th Congress pertaining to generative AI. And in June, I published an analysis of those proposals, including what risks they aim to address and considerations for lawmakers moving forward.  Similar to the list circulated in April, I have compiled a list of proposals introduced to date in the 118th Congress that aim to address risks from generative AI. Because there are still 18 months left in this Congressional Session, this document will remain dynamic, and I will do my best to keep up with re-introductions, new proposals, and mark-ups/amendments. (I invite Tech Policy Press readers to reach out should I miss something).  Congress is not “starting from scratch” on AI regulation. Therefore, the 118th list includes a “relation to previous work” section under select bills that explains how the proposal builds on past legislation and agency initiatives. So, how are things unfolding so…Roundup of Federal Legislative Proposals that Pertain to Generative AI: Part II