Roseanne Barr Criticizes YouTube Censorship, Praises Rumble For Supporting Free Speech

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. As a champion for free speech and the exchange of ideas, renowned comedian and television personality Roseanne Barr has heaped praises on video-sharing platform Rumble, citing its commitment to free speech as an attractive feature in the wake of censorship by the tech giant YouTube. Barr, whose ideas and bold statements have often sparked controversy, voiced her support for Rumble this week, adding that she had experienced censorship on YouTube. “I’m so thankful for companies like @rumblevideo and @officialpsq (and post @elonmusk’s @X),” Roseanne posted on X. “Before them we were silenced and throttled merely for not being stupid and insane and brainwashed. My podcast on CCP funded YouTube isn’t even notifying my nearly 400k subscribers of new episodes.” Barr praised Rumble for giving her a censorship-free platform. “Meanwhile in one week @rumblevideo has tripled my viewer count with 16k subscribers merely by allowing me to connect with my audience and not being communist and anti first amendment! It’s a new day and I’m so happy,” the comedian posted. The comedian, a household name, has been responding to the recent heavy-handed approach taken by some Big Tech firms. Barr’s comments came just before fellow comedian Russell Brand was demonetized by YouTube following sexual assault allegations, and not for violating YouTube’s content policy. As a counterpoint, platforms such as Rumble are committed to allowing content creators the space to express and share their ideas without…Roseanne Barr Criticizes YouTube Censorship, Praises Rumble For Supporting Free Speech