Right-wing Musk fans win Twitter CEO's loyalty. Staff loses.

Over the past 24 hours, numerous Twitter employees, including its head of trust and safety, have resigned from the company. These resignations all came shortly after owner Elon Musk blamed his employees for bringing Twitter’s own advertiser hate speech policies to bear on a prominent right-wing media company.The chaos over at Twitter began on Thursday morning when Jeremy Boreing of The Daily Wire published a tweet thread about a potential deal with Musk’s company allegedly gone awry. The Daily Wire is a conservative media outlet started by Boreing and Ben Shapiro. The company employs a number of prominent right-wing influencers and pundits, such as Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, and Matt Walsh. Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) According to Boreing, The Daily Wire had been in talks with Twitter to set up a paid advertiser campaign to promote a documentary by Walsh called What is a Woman?. The conservative outlet planned to air the entire film in a tweet. The film, which has been out for a year, has been criticized by gender identity and transgender health experts, as well as trans activists as being transphobic or anti-trans. However, as Boreing explains, after Twitter reviewed the film, the company backed out of any sort of sponsorship deal. Twitter also warned The Daily Wire that while it could still post the video on its own, the film would be flagged as “hateful conduct” under Twitter’s policies. As such, under Musk’s own “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach”…Right-wing Musk fans win Twitter CEO's loyalty. Staff loses.