REVEALED: Facebook Felt “Pressure” From “Outraged” Biden White House To Remove Posts

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Calling somebody a member of the “Disinformation Dozen” – there’s a nasty piece of propaganda work, trying to discredit political opponents in a time of crisis. Worse still, it wasn’t happening out in the open, on actual social networks, but behind the curtains of government/Big Tech collusion. And now – with the new US election looming large already – it’s probably prudent, if your party/political affiliation was on “the wrong” end of the stick the last time, to try to fight against this repeating “early, and often.” The term “Disinformation Dozen” refers to a (conspiracy, to all effects) theory that there were only 12 people in the world (… right?) who were behind Covid vaccine criticism back in 2021. And what a difference, strictly scientifically speaking, two years make… But now, it’s time to face the “political piper,” as it were. Documents have emerged to show that Facebook at the time played along with the “Disinformation Dozen” game related not only to original posts – but also memes – and went to the significant no doubt trouble of changing its entire policy to suit the narrative rendered under pressure from Biden’s Surgeon General. But as always, eventually, what does a Big Tech giant do? Appease the “permanent power center” supported or not by some current White House. And so, we are now learning that Meta wasn’t thrilled about it – but “felt” it had…REVEALED: Facebook Felt “Pressure” From “Outraged” Biden White House To Remove Posts