Proton Drive Desktop Client Arrives on Windows

The digital storage market, long dominated by tech behemoths like Google and Dropbox, is seeing a fresh entrant in the form of Proton Drive, a cloud-based storage solution. The Swiss company, known as Proton, is best recognized for its deep commitment to user privacy and security. Beginning with their widely appreciated email service, ProtonMail, the firm has progressively introduced a suite of products including a VPN, a calendar, a premium password manager, and most recently, a cloud storage solution, Proton Drive. In the latest development, Proton has introduced a much-anticipated local file sync option for its Drive users on Windows. This announcement, made via Proton’s official blog, comes as a notable contrast to mainstream alternatives such as Google Drive and Dropbox. While these platforms restrict users to syncing select folders, Proton Drive extends the capability to include any folder on a user’s computer, encrypted end-to-end as with Proton’s other offerings. In essence, this means that any folders synced with Proton Drive will be visible under a Computers section within the Proton Drive web interface, irrespective of the number of Windows computers linked with the user’s account. In addition to this, Proton Drive incorporates other intelligent features akin to its counterparts. It maintains an on-demand file download system to save local storage, a feature that’s particularly compelling in an era of ballooning digital data. The service uses smart caching to ensure frequently accessed files are readily available, while less used ones are stored in the cloud. Users also have the ability…Proton Drive Desktop Client Arrives on Windows