No, Tucker Carlson's Trump interview doesn't have 230 million video views on X

On Wednesday night, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed former president Donald Trump on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Now, Trump and his supporters are claiming that Carlson’s video has received hundreds of millions of views on Elon Musk’s social media site. That’s not the case.”The Tucker Carlson Interview with me was a BLOCKBUSTER. Could hit 200,000,000 Views, and more!” Donald Trump posted on his social networking platform, Truth Social, on Thursday morning.Trump later claimed that, at 230 million views, the Carlson video was now: “The Biggest Video on Social Media, EVER, more than double the Super Bowl!” (For context, the 2023 Super Bowl was watched by more than 115 million viewers.)On Carlson’s interview post on X, the views metric displayed 236 million views, as of the time of publishing, since it went live 21 hours ago.However, the metric on X is not how many views Carlson’s video actually received.Mashable can report that, as of the publication of this article on Thursday evening, Carlson’s Trump interview has received 14.8 million video views on X. On X, it’s not entirely clear to most users what the views metric refers to — many people believe, falsely, that the video of Carlson’s Trump interview received 220 million views more than it actually received. A Mashable screenshot showing the actual video view count for Tucker Carlson’s Trump interview, as seen on an older version of the Twitter app. This metric is no longer public on X. Credit: Mashable Screenshot Why the discrepancy?The…No, Tucker Carlson's Trump interview doesn't have 230 million video views on X