No, Threads didn't rate limit like Twitter. Here's what Meta did.

It seemed like exactly the type of juicy hypocrisy that the internet lives for.On Monday, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that in order to tackle the spam problem on its new Twitter competitor, Threads, the company was going to introduce tighter rate limits on the platform.Sounds familiar? That’s because rate limits were one of the controversial decisions implemented by Elon Musk on Twitter in early July that resulted in massive backlash against the platform. Users were finding themselves blocked from seeing content on Twitter due to daily rate limiting, after viewing a certain number of tweets.But, as it turns out, no, Threads did not deploy the same controversial rate limits on its platform that Twitter did. Threads instead strengthened the same type of rate limits present on most all social media platforms, limits that even Twitter used long before Musk even acquired the company. As news spread of Threads’ own rate limits, Twitter employees were quick to tweet about it. Tweet may have been deleted “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” posted one Twitter employee along with a cry-laughing emoji. Tweet may have been deleted “Next stop: increased rate limit for Meta Verified subscribers,” tweeted another, referencing how Musk provides paid $8-per-month Twitter Blue subscribers with higher limits than non-paying users.Even Musk himself couldn’t help but spike the football. Tweet may have been deleted “Lmaooo Copy [cat],” replied Musk to a user posting Threads’ rate limits, using a cat emoji instead of the actual word.How Threads’ rate limits are unlikely…No, Threads didn't rate limit like Twitter. Here's what Meta did.