'No-launch' is the latest Instagram dating trend

On May 9, Tiffany Champion, a 28-year-old digital strategist and student astrologer in Brooklyn, and her husband, Harry Champion, a 28-year-old product manager, celebrated their five-year anniversary at home marathoning their favorite film series. They also exchanged five gifts, to signify five years together — an effort that would have made for perfect couples’ content. But online, Tiffany only shared one portion of the day — a discrete Instagram story with an image of a cake that read “Tiffany & Harry 5 Years.” SEE ALSO: Celebrity-voiced erotica is the new frontier in online celeb thirst The couple met in 2019, became official a couple months later, and married in 2022. Unlike most social media users who provide a clear timeline of their relationship with photos and accompanying captions on their profiles, Tiffany doesn’t have a single post of her husband on her Instagram grid. Not even her engagement or wedding photos made the cut. In fact, there’s no way to confirm what Harry looks like by browsing through her page. Tiffany and Harry “no-launched” their relationship, and an increasing number of couples on social media are opting to do the same.What is a no-launch on Instagram?A “no-launch” is exactly how it sounds — not launching your relationship online. “There’s definitely a misconception that everyone who’s more reserved about their relationship on social media is doing that from a place of shame or deceit,” says Tiffany. But she tells me, that isn’t the case at all for her relationship. When she and Harry…'No-launch' is the latest Instagram dating trend