New Data Shatters Legacy Media Narrative That Rumble Is a “Right-Wing Echo Chamber”

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. For years, legacy media outlets have taken aim at free speech platforms such as Rumble by suggesting that they’re “echo chambers” that amplify right-wing views. This dismissive framing ignores that these free speech platforms allow a wider range of viewpoints than their pro-censorship Big Tech counterparts and is likely to dissuade left-leaning, independent, or non-political users from checking them out. But new data from Comscore has shattered this media narrative and revealed that Democrats are the leading political audience on Rumble among 18+ year-olds in the US. The video sharing platform also has more unique visitors from independents than Republicans among Americans aged 18 and over. Overall, among Americans aged 18+, 35.5% of Rumble’s unique visitors are Democrats, 28.9% are independents, 21.8% are Republicans, and 12.6% have no affiliation. Those who haven’t fallen for this legacy media echo chamber narrative will know that Rumble offers far more than right-wing content. High-profile left-wing political candidates, sports channels, finance channels, and more post their content to Rumble. And despite Big Tech platforms rarely facing media criticism for it, their policies, which artificially boost certain viewpoints by as much as 20x and ban a much wider range of views than Rumble, do far more to facilitate echo chambers. Related: How Legacy Media Pressure Created Big Tech Echo Chambers The truth is that these Big Tech echo chambers fueled the demand for alternative platforms such as Rumble, which…New Data Shatters Legacy Media Narrative That Rumble Is a “Right-Wing Echo Chamber”