NBA Top Shot NFT scam promoted by hacked ESPN reporter's X account

NFT scams are not all that unusual on Elon Musk’s X. Neither are high-profile accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, getting hacked.However, it’s not everyday that an ESPN reporter with millions of followers gets hacked by a scammer looking to trick users of arguably the most mainstream NFT project into giving them access to their crypto wallets. On Saturday evening, ESPN Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski’s account on X published a post linking to a “free NFT pack” for NBA Top Shot customers who connected their crypto wallet to the platform. Tweet may have been deleted “NBA Top Shot, the popular NFT platform, is adding support for the popular Ethereum blockchain,” Wojnarowski’s @wojespn account posted to his more than 6.3 million followers. “In celebration, a free NFT pack is available to all customers, while quantities last.” The post received hundreds of thousands of impressions as well as hundreds of retweets and likes.The link included in the post sent users to the URL “nbatopshot dot org.” where users were prompted to connect their crypto wallet in order to gain access to the supposed “free NFT pack.”One problem for those who clicked the link, however: The giveaway was not real. NBA Top Shot’s official domain is “nbatopshot dot com” not “dot org.” Wojnarowski’s X account was compromised. The official NBA Top Shot account posted a disclaimer, warning users about the scam about an hour after the initial scam post. Tweet may have been deleted “There is NO Free Airdrop happening on NBA…NBA Top Shot NFT scam promoted by hacked ESPN reporter's X account