Louisiana’s Attorney General Supports Lawsuit Against “Anti-Disinformation” Group

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Louisiana’s Attorney General  Jeff Landry has lodged an amicus brief in an ongoing lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative, a prominent mainstream media group. This recent development adds a significant heft to an antitrust lawsuit initiated by Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense. The Trusted News Initiative describes itself as a “unique global partnership bringing together organisations across media and technology to tackle harmful disinformation in real time.” We obtained a copy of the amicus brief for you here. These numerous plaintiffs have based their case on the notion of forbidden collusion among TNI and multiple social media behemoths to orchestrate a coordinated censorship of online news. The attorney general’s contribution to the proceedings underlines the escalating war against censorship and manipulation and comes off the back of a considerable win against the Biden administration. Framed from an anti-censorship perspective, the brief highlights the importance of preserving free speech in the contemporary digital zone, taking into consideration the larger societal implications. The decision by Louisiana’s highest-ranking legal figure to wade into the contentious waters of media litigation underscores the rising sentiment amongst free speech advocates that legacy and new age digital media must remain unbiased conduits for information and dialogue. Left unchallenged, the alleged breach of antitrust laws by TNI, in cahoots with powerful social media platforms, could set a dangerous precedent for online media discourse. The post Louisiana’s Attorney General Supports Lawsuit…Louisiana’s Attorney General Supports Lawsuit Against “Anti-Disinformation” Group