Leaked: A 'hide checkmark' option for shy Twitter Blue users

Since Elon Musk rolled out the ability for any Twitter user to pay $8 to receive a verified badge, the blue checkmark that comes with a Twitter Blue subscription has become a mark of shame in the eyes of many.Twitter Blue subscribers have been trolled since the subscription plan’s launch, with memes like the popular “this mf paid for Twitter” used by the old legacy verified users and non-verified users alike.It’s gotten so bad for the Twitter users paying $8 per month that the company is looking into maybe allowing Blue subscribers to completely hide the badge. Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) According to a screenshot leaked by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter is apparently testing out the ability for users to “show or hide the blue checkmark” in the verification settings for Twitter Blue users.For some, the decision to roll out such an option might seem confusing. However, unlike much of what Twitter has done since Musk’s takeover, it actually makes a bit of sense. And even more so in the context of a recent announcement from the company.On Thursday, after Twitter announced that Twitter Blue was officially available for users located anywhere in the world, Musk followed up with another piece of news: Legacy verified users on Twitter – the celebrities, artists, and journalists who were deemed “notable” users and had their identification verified by the previous Twitter regime for free – would lose their verified account status starting April 1.  Tweet may…Leaked: A 'hide checkmark' option for shy Twitter Blue users