Is Bluesky the one? A Twitter alternative takes off.

A centrist political pundit being ratioed the moment he arrives. Discourse that would have people who overuse the word “woke” frothing at the mouth. A CEO begging users to please not call posts on the platform “skeets.” Users continue to call said posts “skeets.” Oh, and @dril and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are there now too.As one Bluesky user put it, it appears Bluesky has the “juice.” Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) If you’re unfamiliar with Bluesky don’t worry. Most everyone was unaware of the platform before yesterday too. So, what is Bluesky? What is Bluesky?Bluesky is a “decentralized” social media platform backed by former Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey. It’s led by CEO Jay Graber, who was chosen by pre-Musk Twitter at least in part thanks to her background as a crypto developer, according to CoinDesk. It was meant to function a bit like Mastodon, another Twitter alternative, with its federated universe of individual servers that users can traverse. But Bluesky is very new, and those separations between communities that ended up working against Mastodon — since many users found them confusing — have basically not been built yet. SEE ALSO: Bluesky, Jack Dorsey’s decentralized Twitter killer, is now on Android What we are left with is a barebones “microblogging” app extremely reminiscent of the early days of Twitter. It looks like old Twitter from the UI, and as of yesterday, down to the low-stakes fun postings. Short, funny posts reign supreme on the app…Is Bluesky the one? A Twitter alternative takes off.