Investments are needed to stop the US from falling behind China in AI

The battle for artificial intelligence (AI) supremacy between the U.S. and China has become the frontline in the global tech race. As China relentlessly pursues leadership in AI, it’s imperative that the U.S. maintain its edge, to safeguard our economic vitality and national security.AI represents an unprecedented technological capacity. From military to health care to manufacturing to all elements of the digital ecosystem, AI will transform our nation and the world.   AI enables machines to learn and make critical decisions in a fraction of the time it takes humans. It can sort, identify, and categorize data with stunning efficiency and with near-perfect accuracy.  When taken to the next level, the technology becomes predictive in ways previously unimaginable. We are seeing such developments emerge across technologies, including search engines, autonomous vehicles, and other military and national security-related platforms.   Such remarkable advances in AI technology will prove consequential in geopolitics.  Whoever leads in this space will have economic and military leverage over rivals. Although the U.S. has been the global leader in AI for decades, China is quickly catching up. China recognizes this opportunity and has prioritized becoming the global leader in AI tech development through large public investments and incentives for its tech sector.   By some measures, China is already outpacing U.S. tech companies in research and development. Beijing has set 2030 as its goal for AI dominance.  China‚Äôs communist rulers are expected to more than double their annual investment in AI to $27 billion by 2026. By some estimates, this project will add…Investments are needed to stop the US from falling behind China in AI