Inside the deep, dark world of influencer gossip forums

The lives of influencers can be transfixing. For some, influencers’ content can be informative and aspirational, but for others, it can be jarring, envy-inducing, and stir up questions about the creators’ source of wealth. The ire towards some influencers is so strong that there’s an entire site known as Tattle Life, which is populated by thousands of anonymous users and dedicated to expressing disdain towards specific influencers. Celebrity gossip is seen as something of a noughties phenomenon, at least the extremely nasty kind, when singers, actors, and other people in the public eye simply accepted that the price of fame was to have their lives ripped apart. Our relationship with celebrities, or at least the idea of them, has changed a lot in the past fifteen years, mostly because of the emergence of the influencer, an entirely new type of public figure. Most people know that influencers deal with trolling, but surely the widespread, accepted public cruelty that celebrities like Britney Spears experienced is a thing of the past, right?Well, not necessarily. Tattle Life is a space on the internet dedicated to this type of vitriol. And it’s very well-populated, with threads on thousands of influencers that are updated by thousands of users at least daily, usually more often. Users on Tattle Life can usually be found speculating about influencer’s lives, judging their decisions and making (often very hateful) comments about their character and the way they post online. If you find yourself on one of these sites, you’d probably…Inside the deep, dark world of influencer gossip forums