Giant X removed from Twitter HQ after slew of safety complaints

Goodbye, giant X logo sign erected hastily atop Twitter headquarters in San Francisco on Friday night.Just days after the large metal “X” logo was built to mark the new name of Elon Musk’s social media platform, workers were already deconstructing the sign, according to local news reports. It was completely removed by Monday afternoon. Tweet may have been deleted Its removal ends a short saga which saw a slew of complaints from Musk’s neighbors about the sign’s unsafe build and strobe lighting. The company had also turned away inspectors with the San Francisco Department of Buildings multiple times over the past few days who wanted to check out the permitless structure.The large X sign went up late last week, marking the end of a five-day stretch that saw Elon Musk rid Twitter of its name and iconic bird logo, in favor of calling the platform X. Early Saturday morning, Musk posted a video on the social media platform, depicting the glowing X sign which was erected just hours earlier. Tweet may have been deleted “Our HQ in San Francisco tonight,” tweeted Musk alongside a visual of the pulsating lights of the X logo perched atop the main building where the company resides. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk’s 25-year obsession with ‘X’ explains what he did to Twitter However, the X logo came as a surprise to the neighborhood and it was immediately treated as an unwelcome guest. Local San Francisco residents immediately started posting videos depicting the bright lights emanating from…Giant X removed from Twitter HQ after slew of safety complaints